Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Sharing is Caring..

...and in the spirit of this New Year, I'm going to share my biggest beauty must-have. Cle de Peau Beaute is an offshoot line of Shiseido Cosmetics. Manufactured in Japan, they are the sole owners and inventors of the most wonderous concealer known to man. For years, I skipped concealer. Although I fared well, I could not find one that seemed to cover without looking either too orange, pink, or just plain cakey. Is it not true, that more often than not, you can tell when someone is wearing concealer? Though many lines claim that theirs will glide on smoothly and will cover up your spots of woe, I tell you it is a SHAM! However, only seconds after trying on Cle de Peau's Correcteur Visage, I knew that I had hit the jackpot. I could not tell where it began, and where it had ended. It glided on seamlessly, and to this day, has been untraceable. It is not heavy nor goopy, and can be worn at all times, even--get this--without foundations or powder. It is, in one word: perfection.


Tali said...

Touche eclat is crap..its actually a highlighter not a concealer. So i spent years highlighting my bags instead of covering them.

Currently im not wearing concealer (going for the havent-slept-in-5-years look) but i think i may try this. I hear amazing things about the brand and I saw a nudish pink lipstick that is to DIE for!!

fantastic said...

i can't say that i'm very impressed with touche eclat either...maybe i'll pull it back out of it's misery (in the drawer) and play with it a little.

i love cle de peau though--and yes, their lipsticks are so pretty and moisturizing too!

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