Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Scents of the Islands...

I made a fantastic purchase this week. Of course it was just one more thing to add to my baseball-card-sized collection of scents and perfumes, but it was hard to pass up. Victoria's Secret has come out with a new line of skin treats, appropriately named Island Infusion. This line features everything from body butters and lotions, to perfumed body mists. I picked up the Moorea Passionfruit which is so light and fresh, you feel as though you've been instantly transported to a garden in the isles. It was a difficult decision, as there was also Tahitian Vanilla Flower, and Bali Orchid to choose from. I tried to find a visual, but they are not featuring it online or in catalogs, so you must purchase it from the store itself. Along the same scented lines, it made me look back on some of my favorite "island-inspired" scents.

My favorite in this category has got to be Sud Pacifique's Coeur de Vahine. This company has paid its dues, and has mastered the art of essential oils--many of which come straight out of the Pacific. For example, in this scent alone, you will find passionfruit, opuhi flower, peach, orange, bergamote, vanilla and musk. I am the girl who loves a great musk.

This oil is one of a kind. While a little on the coconut-y side, a little goes a long way. There are warm hints of vanilla from the Tahitian island of Tahaa, mixed with coco monoi, and tiare.

Banana flower, pineapple, spun sugar candy, and Hawaiian salt blossom are all fused together to create this widely popular scent. It does however, have many siblings in the family--including, Rockin Rio, Que Viva, and Island Kiss, which makes you wonder if the creator has somewhat of an obsession with the Tropics

Bath & Body Works has made large strides in the last couple of years with the addition of many notable lines, my favorite amongst them--C.O. Bigelow. They have done it yet again, now with the Ile De Tahiti Collection, featuring an eau de toilette which marries bamboo and coconut. The best thing about this, is that it is by far the most affordable of the highlighted frangraces, at only $19.50 a bottle!
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