Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I'm so Flakey

So here it is. One of the biggest exfoliation hits of this season. It's been tried and tested by me, myself, and I just can't get enough! I've purchased a few for the beautiful women in my family and they're loving it just as well. Tarte Cosmetics has impressed me once again with their fRxtion sugar exfoliator and lip balm duo. Not only did they bring us the infamous cheek stain years ago, but they have raised the bar once again! The exfoliation side consists of brown sugar crystals that really do help to slough down those chapped winter lips, getting you all ready to smooth on the sugary-sweet vitamin E on the opposite side. You need an extra bonus, you say? Check this out--a mirror that conveniently flips up each and every time you need to apply. Mine is down to a nub.


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