Friday, January 19, 2007

food for face.

Mom used to tell me stories upon stories about our aunt who would wake up at the crack of dawn each morning and wash her face with a handful of fresh egg whites. (Hmm..still not sure if this was because I was opposed to washing my own face..or if it were a way to encourage good hygiene?) Something about it always seemed interesting to me, and when I was a child, she drove me to her side of the island to show me that the proof was in the package. Aunty's face was flawless! Her skin was soft and supple, and there were no wrinkles to the touch. I have always loved using this method, as it makes my skin feel extra clean. I've found that it is very common in Swedish and Indian culture to use this same method, and that you can also mix the yolk with honey for an intensive face pack. If the idea of stirring up your own homemade facial is a little beyond what you can bear, check out Agg-Tval , a Swedish version of the idea.
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